Learning Contracts Essay

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Abstract 1
Introduction 2
Definition of Learning Contract 2
Purpose of the Learning Contract 3
Uses of Learning Contracts 3
Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Contracts 4
Advantages 4
Disadvantages 5
Designing Learning Contracts 5
Conclusions and Recommendations 6
Conclusion 6
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Learning contracts are being used in post-secondary education. Adults approach learning as problem solving and in theory by implementing learning contracts, the student becomes more involved in
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In an online environment, instructors are not physically meeting with the students to discuss learning goals, objectives and expectations. Learning contracts can help negotiate and define the learning goals and outcomes. Sample learning contracts can be placed on a web page and the student can determine which contract best suits their learning goals. Students can also engage in online discussions about the different options with their peers and gain a broader perspective through shared knowledge.
Learning contracts can also be highly effective in the corporate world. Training employees is costly and can require large investments from organizations. Learning contracts allow the employee to take responsibility and increases motivation in the learning process when they are able to relate the training directly to their job responsibilities. Contracts can also clearly define the company’s expectations of the outcomes. When the expectations are defined, both instructor and trainee can track progress and stay focused on the company’s business goals and strategies. Learning contracts are useful in research. Research learning contracts provide form and structure to an unstructured environment such as the research laboratory, while ensuring maximal flexibility ("Contracts," n.d., para. 2). It allows the student to control their own learning. Contracts allow students to define learning objectives,
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