Learning Difficulties from Chinese and American Culture

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Learning difficulties from Chinese and American culture Question 1 Different culture of East and West can cause problems in each other. American culture trends to individualism. They need for more privacy and personal space. They do not independent of other people. On the contrary, Chinese culture trends to collectivism. They need to more close physical contact and close personal relationship or friendship. They concern about other people live for building up a close relationship. Therefore, close proximity is often noticed in Chinese rather than individual privacy. Besides, family behavior and interpersonal relationships also differ between American and Chinese. Chinese people focus on the nuclear family system. When their…show more content…
• The two cultures are deeply opposed to benefit from increased mutual understanding. Eg. Differing concepts of privacy can cause problems in intercultural interaction. Summary conclusion paragraph In this essay, first, I talked about Chinese collectivism and American individualism of an essay (para.2). Second, I wrote about the two cultures can learn from each other and can increase mutual understanding from deeply opposed. (para.3). Then, I would conclude the essay. . Question 4 “In what ways can Chinese culture be described as collectivist and American culture as individualist? Can the two cultures learn from each other or are they too deeply opposed to benefit from increased mutual understanding?” I would like to describe between Chinese collectivism and American individualism that it starts with an introduction, followed by a body containing the main points and ends with a conclusion. In this essay, I shall first describe the two culture of the introduction of an essay. I shall then discuss to learn from the two culture and benefit from increased mutual understanding. First, collectivism which the means of production are owned, is controlled by the state or the people as a whole. Chinese culture can described as collectivist. On the other hand, American individualism deeply opposed to Chinese. According to different conditions and environment, both are developed to different culture. Ideally, if the two cultures can learn from each
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