Learning Disabilities Essay

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Learning Disabilities

Approximately 10 percent of the adult population have learning disabilities. Learning disabilities also affect about 5 to 10 percent of school-age children. Most disabilities occur in math, spelling, reading comprehension, oral expression, and written language. The most common learning disabilities are in reading. Children with learning disabilities also have problems with attention, memory, and behavioral problems as a result of frustration. The term "learning disabilities" covers a combination of possible causes, symptoms, treatments, and outcomes. What is a learning disability? With at least twelve definitions that appear in professional literature, there is no exact definition. Most experts agree
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The are several types of disorders that are classified as learning disabilities. The two most common are Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Dyslexia. ADD is poor attention, concentration, and impulse control. Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by problems in expressive or receptive, oral, or written language. An unexpected gap exists between learning aptitude and achievement in school. The problem is not behavioral, psychological, motivational, or social. It results from differences in the structure and function of the brain. Students who have learning disabilities may exhibit a wide range of traits. Some of these characteristics are hyperactivity, inattention, and perception conditional problems. In spoken language, learning disabilities are delays, disorders, and deviations in listening and speaking. Students with learning disabilities in written language have difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling. In math, learning disabilities are evidenced in difficulty performing arithmetic operations or in understanding basic concepts. Learning disabled students also have difficulty with reasoning skills in organizing and integrating thoughts. Students affected by learning disabilities have difficulty in remembering information and instructions. Since learning disabilities can cause a great deal of stress and frustration to a student it is important for parents and

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