Learning Disabled Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

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A learning disabled student not only suffers from being below average in academics, but in many cases these students suffer with mental illnesses. Students with learning disabilities have lower self-determination in academics and struggle in post-secondary education (Jameson, 2007). Higher levels of anxiety and test taking anxiety can additionally be found in students with learning disabilities (Nelson, Lindstrom, Foels, 2015). Studies also show that students with learning disabilities have a higher rate of depression (Ashraf, Najam, 2015). Why are learning disabled individuals struggling with self-worth? The extreme social pressures everyone faces daily has a negative affect students with learning disabilities. Students with learning disabilities are self conscious of their impairment. Schools should not only focus on giving extra academic assistances to students with learning disabilities, but also give resources to help fight mental illness in these students. Students who have learning disabilities should not suffer from low self-determination, anxiety, and depression. There will be discussion on why these students suffer at a higher rate from mental illness, and discuss a solution to this issue. Social pressure is a feeling that every human being has experienced. Humans are naturally social, and be it consciously or subconsciously, all humans want to fit it. Social pressures come in many forms, such as peer pressure, socioeconomic pressure, and academic pressure.
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