Learning Experience From Reflection On Administering

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LEARNING EXPERIENCE FROM REFLECTION ON ADMINISTERING INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTIONS NURSING ESSAY. This is a reflective essay based on my experience whilst during the clinical placement, using Gibb’s template. My aim of this essay is to reflect on my learning outcomes: Pressure sore care and management; PEG feeding which is an alternative way to provide nutrition to a patient who is not able to obtain nutrition through the mouth and administration of a subcutaneous injection. To reflect on my learning process, I am going to apply Gibb’s reflective model, which is a renowned model in reflective practice. This model requires passing through six stages to complete one reflective cycle. These six stages are description , feelings, analysis, evaluation , conclusion and action plan and I am going to explore in these six steps how I achieved my learning outcome. DESCRIPTION: The first stage of Gibb’s reflective model (1988) I will describe the events which inspired me to get competent. My placement area was a nursing home setting where almost all service users are old age people. However, one particular service user named Mrs. N to maintain her confidentiality (NMC 2008). She is an 86 yrs old bedridden suffering from chronic renal failure, stroke and pressure sore. She is on PEG feed and Injection Clexane (OD). She had a big, black and hard wound on her right hip. The skin was intact but it was extremely discolored. According to EPUAP (European
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