Learning Experience : My Educational Experience As An Adult Learning

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The first time as an adult learning or I thought it was adult learning was when I was in my mid-thirties. Here I am again many years later back at it again. This time is totally different than the prior years. I was a part-time student, married, working and raising our children. My major was Criminal Justice and I took classes on campus. At that time the adjustment to going back to college didn’t seem difficult to me at all. It almost gave me the feeling of being back in a high school setting. I was able to settle right in even though the majority of my classmates were straight out of high school. This was so different for many in so many ways, I felt like I had a true purpose for being there. I had set educational goals for myself so that I may be more productive in my life skills. When I was in high school I warranted to be there but college was my choice, I wanted more fulfilled educational in my life. I knew that academically enhancing my education was an achievement that I needed to accomplish. I didn’t know at that time that there were different types of adult learners, different strategies, styles, categories or models for adult learners. I was under the assumption that you went to class, listened to the instructor, complete your assignments before the dead line and get a grade. This is the same method I proceeded in high school.
McGrath states “the pedagogical theory assumes that the student will simply learn what they have been told” (209, p.
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