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In this paper I will discuss my learning experiences and analyze them with the perspective of learning theories. I will analyze my learning experiences with regards to classical conditioning, operant conditioning and cognitive- social learning theory.

First of all, I would begin by describing my experience of learning to fear lizards with regards to classical conditioning. To give some context to the situation, I was raised in India where lizards, usually in large numbers, are often found on walls particularly during the summer months. I strongly believe that my fear of lizards can be explained using Pavlov 's "classical conditioning". Classical conditioning is the type of learning that occurs via making associations. In other words,
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Also, I was not aware that most of the grocery stores require customers to bag their own groceries. But when I first experienced the western grocery market environment, I wasn 't sure how everything was supposed to work, so I observed how other people performed the task. When I went to the checkout I saw people unloading their groceries and afterwards, packing it as well. Therefore, I realized how the process worked and I found myself performing the task just as I saw other customers performing. In the end, I recognized that I have acquired this task by looking at how other people are behaving and hence by observing them, I learnt to perform in the same manner.

I strongly believe that media plays an important part in the learning process. As younger kids spend plenty of time in front of their TV 's and computers ( internet, video games), they are more likely to experience adult material such as foul language, violence, kissing amongst other things sooner than their parents generation. Also, if they encounter these adult material sooner in their lives, it also has implications on their social behavior, desensitization of violence, rape, shootings and so on. Moreover, prejudice also plays an important role in learning. For instance, teenagers are stereotyped as misbehaving, violent, and arrogant group and if the society sees them stereotypically, the teenagers are
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