Learning Experience Paper : Smoking Cessation Essay

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Learning Experience Paper: Smoking Cessation Throughout one’s lifetime, an individual undergoes a magnitude of various learning experiences, all of which serve as a shaping agent, consequently forming personality traits that are unique to each human being. Examining this fact further, what does learning mean, precisely? Namely, the definition of learning is the resulting change in behavior or knowledge that occurs through experience (Boundless, 2016). Moreover, (from a psychological aspect) associative learning entails linking particular stimuli or events that occur jointly in the environment (such as in classical and operant conditioning). And, cognitive-social learning is a cognitive learning process - series of thoughts and comprehension with experiences and actions - materializing in a social framework and supervenes purely via observation or explicit instruction (such as in observational learning/modeling). Further expounding, there are three prime psychological learning perspectives: classical and operant conditioning (associative learning types), and cognitive-social learning (a cognitive method, as described above; also referred to as observational learning/modeling). Illuminating, a personal and paramount experience of erudition in my life is the ceasing of smoking cigarettes. According to the Center for Disease Control (2016), annually, more than 480,000 average number of deaths

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