Learning Experience Reflection

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I believe that true learning requires much more than simply listening to a lecture, reading from a book, or watching a video. While these all may be involved in the process of learning, hands-on experience and a real desire for knowledge of the subject are needed to truly learn.
Whether in the classroom or clinical setting, I believe that the process of learning should not be static, but rather fluid in the sense that questions should be asked back and forth between educator and student. A dialogue should be created so that both student and teacher are actively participating in the learning process. Through this way of learning, one has to actively think and apply the information they have on a particular subject, instead of just memorizing facts. I have found that this is the best way for me to truly process and retain information.
In the clinical setting, hands-on experience is the key to learning. During my general practice residency, I was introduced to the “see one, do one, teach one” concept by a chief oral and maxillofacial surgery resident who was assisting me with an advanced bone grafting procedure. I really enjoy this method of learning within the clinical setting, given that one has had sufficient pre-clinical education and training, and that patient care is not being compromised. Observing the procedure being performed by a superior or a colleague allows for one to see the concepts of pre-clinical education being applied clinically and to ask questions,
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