Learning Experience in Hr

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Learning Experience Journal Entry #1
Ileana Salcedo
Walden University
Human Resource Management
Dr. Robin Kirschner
February 29, 2012
Learning Experience Journal Entry #1 A learning experience is a process of understanding through direct experience. This process helps future leader learn from experts, and what is learned can then be adapted to your own style. The purpose of the learning experience is to gain knowledge in the role of the Director of Human Resource and the relation in patient services, personnel activities, and how interface with nurse manager and executive in their roles. Dr. Roxane Spitzer, in the video Introduction to Healthcare Human Resource Management (Laureate Education, Inc., 2006), mentioned
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Ms. Kreare presented several key points on how to ask question that could give productive insight to the interviewer so at the end they could choose the candidate that meets the criteria needed for the position. Additionally, she provided guidance to create an attractive employment package with the goal to recruit and retain the most superior staff for the position. She gave guidance on salary structure based on a market research around our organization so we are competitive with other facilities. She demonstrated clearly the importance of working as a team, information provided was coordinated with legal, benefits, and staffing staff that provided everything needed from their expertise area within HR. This department works with the organization strategic theme very high “People One Team” (Professional Standards FBCH, 2011). Analysis of Primary Roles and Functions As Human Resource Director, one of the primary roles observed during this learning experience was providing guidance to management about staffs/employees appropriate placement bases on their skills, knowledge, and competence. It is important in this position within healthcare that employees are selected appropriately based on the needs of the position been offer. Let us not forget about all the legalities that are involve in hiring a new employee that at the same time could bring other conflicts to the organization if staff is hired without the necessary skills, knowledge, and competence to
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