Learning From Grandfather (Grandpa) Essay

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Learning From Grandfather My brother and I are playing on the porch steps, and are being watched intently by my grandmother. She gently rocks on the old cream colored swing, which proclaims of its lack of oil with every movement of its chains. The green indoor-outdoor carpeting that covers the steps too shows its age, with concrete poking through the edges. It scratches my legs as I sit and build things with my legos, but I have gotten used to the feeling. Today isn’t too hot, but the cool breeze that blows through is a welcome change. That breeze rustles through the lone apple tree that stands in the center of the yard. To my young eyes the tree seems ancient, worth nothing more than the robins nest in its twisted old branches,…show more content…
As most children are at those ages, we could get bored very easily. Grandma was quite adept at keeping my brother busy, showing him a cicada shell or the like, but I got bored with my legos. Grandpap was gathering the fallen apples from the ground beneath the tree and was piling them near the trunk. I ran over and started to help him. I liked helping him, as it made me feel important. As usual my brother soon followed, but declined to help. There was another thing that the apple tree was good for, but I had forgotten to mention it. We had invented a game earlier in the year. You would put your hand on the tree, and then run around it as fast as you could, keeping your hand on the trunk the whole time. Usually we counted the number of times around, I think the top score was thirty-five. You ended up getting so dizzy that you couldn’t continue and either sat down or fell down. Later on this game would be abolished, when my cousin would manage to make himself throw up after repeated attempts to break the record. Mike started off pretty good, he managed about ten revolutions until he stopped quite suddenly, on the other side of the tree. "Grandpap?” "Yes Michael?” My grandfather replied his voice gruff from the countless cigarettes smoked in his youth. He always called my brother by his full name, whereas I was “Eddy”. I never did ask him why. "What's that?" I heard my brother ask. He ran back and grabbed Grandpap’s

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