Learning From Past Experiences: Personal Statement

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Think Expectations What past experiences might affect how they feel? What hopes might they have? Discuss what you learned from your past experience and how you and others can apply that learning experience to this new course. The past experiences that I had from a previous class occurred with an English Literature and Composition course in high school. At the time, I was nervous with the teacher (i.e. Mr. Smith) known for being a tough grader and requiring more of everyone. I needed a good grade in this class to be accepted to the various colleges I was applying for. The fear that I had is he would evaluate me to hard and a mediocre grade could adversely limit my choices. To prevent this I decided that I must be strong, focused and ask lots of questions. This would help to improve my overall amounts of learning comprehension. Once I began working on different assignments is when I realized that Mr. Smith was requiring more of me. This meant that I was rewriting various projects and changing the language / style. In the beginning, I felt that he was very picky about such trivial items. Then, one day he gave me an assignment to write about two pre-assigned quotes. These include: "A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study." "Education consists of mainly what we have unlearned." ("Quotations About Learning," 2012) The project encouraged me to think about the underlying meaning and how it could be applied to my own life. I began writing
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