Learning From The Journey : Dante And Odysseus ' Enlightenment Through Their Physical And Metaphysical Journeys

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Denzle G. Latty II
Professor Marianna De Tollis
LIT 2100-01 Introduction to World Literature
27 July 2014
Learning from the Journey:
Dante and Odysseus’ Enlightenment Through Their Physical and Metaphysical Journeys
Traveling from one place to another, physically moving, is beneficial in changing scenery and changing perspective however, physical travel is not the only travel that brings about a positive change in people. Metaphysical travel, also known as a mental or spiritual exploration, is just as powerful as a physical one. Dante, in his epic poem Inferno, and Odysseus, in the epic tale written by Homer known as The Odyssey, experience travel in the physical and mental state. Dante travels through Purgatory, Hell, and Heaven upon force to reevaluate where he has come in his life. Dante’s journey forces him to think about the cost of decisions each person makes in this life that affects the next one. Odysseus is physically separated from his family and most go through mental and physical obstacles to get back to them. He must figure out what he wants most and find the strength to fight for it. Though Dante and Odysseus experience contrasting adventures and tribulations both individual’s journeys change their future courses and give them enlightenment into the rest of their lives. Both forms of travel are valid for growth and necessary to bring about positive and new perspective to Dante and Odysseus. Dante’s enlightenment was obtained through his metaphysical journey.
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