Learning Goals For Students Is A Taxing Task, But It Is Necessary For Student Success

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Planning a curriculum that meets the need of students can be a taxing task, but it is necessary for student success. Creating a cohesive unit entails breaking down the standards and developing essential questions that will drive student learning and understanding. In addition to breaking down the standards, it is important to set clear learning goals for students so they are able to accomplish the learning set in the standards. The best way to set clear learning goals for students is to use the Backwards Planning Model and be clear on the standards that will be taught. Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jay McTighe (2006) believe the “deliberate use of the backward design for planning courses, units, and individual lessons results in more appropriate assessments and more purposeful teaching” (p. 27). When we as teachers know where our students are going, we can convey that information to them in a way that meets their learning needs. A clear understanding of the standards brought on by backwards planning will lead to clear learning goals for students.
Importance of Identifying and Communicating Learning Goals In order for students to gain the learning needed to be successful in the classroom, learning goals must be translated in a way that is clear and transferable. Students learn best when they know where they are going. McTighe (2010) explains “the most successful teaching begins with clarity about important learning outcomes and about the evidence that will show
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