Learning : Grow Your Brain Cells

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Learning: Grow Your Brain Cells In the book Spark, written by Dr. John J. Ratey, he discusses how exercise can positively affect how your brain works. He provides studies and personal experiences to support the claims he makes. I always knew exercise would improve your life but never could have imagined how much it can affect your brain health as well. The chapter I thought spoke the most to me was chapter two, Learning: Grow Your Brain Cells. The chapter starts out by mentions Naperville, which is a school that uses advice from Dr. Ratey to provide help students prime their brains for learning by using exercise. (1) It also mentions new information about brain pathways and connections, and the brain’s plasticity. Since the book is advertised to everyone, Dr. Ratey breaks down how the brain/nerve cells function and the most important neurotransmitters. A nerve cell functions is by having and electrical signal travel down the axon until it reaches the synapse. Once at the synapse a neurotransmitter takes the message from the axon to of the first cells and goes to the receptor of the receiving cell. The receiving cell can either stop the message if it doesn’t receive enough of the stimuli or if it reaches its threshold will fire the message down its axon to the next cell in the nerve pathway. Gamma-Aminobutyric acid commonly referred to as GABA, and glutamate make up around 80 percent of the neurotransmitters found in brain. GABA dampens the activity in the brain while
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