Learning How to Read and Write Essay

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Being the second youngest in my family out of five children, you would think that reading would be easy for me growing up. But learning how to read was a challenge. It was something that I never thought I would be able to do without a lot of help from my father. Being brought up with my father, a single parent we had our ups and downs. My father was a very hard working man. He tried his hardest to take of five children. Besides having a job that required him to work long hours he made sure we had everything we needed. Being single and not having any help from anyone, he never had any time to help us with homework or reading. Before going to kindergarten I went to a preschool that was just across the street from where I lived. I…show more content…
I had asked my sister Buggy, if she would read it to me. She read the book and then reading with her became a daily routine for us every day after school. I was excited having someone to read to me and that I finally could learn how to pronounce some letters and put them together to read a word. About three months went by and my sister had moved out. The whole bedtime story and trying to learn how to read had come to a complete stop. As the days went by, not having anyone to help me with my reading made me feel like my world had ended. I felt like I was never going to be able to get through grade school. I felt hopeless. When I was about nine years old, knowing what I learned in school as well as what my sister had taught me I began to read by myself. I knew that I would have to learn some how. At that point I would bring books home from school and try to read them. It was a challenge for me but I didn’t give up. While I was reading out loud to myself at home one day, I remember my little brother coming up to me and asked “what are you doing?” I replied “reading a story, would you like me to read to you?” Of course he being four at the time said “yes”. From that day on, I read a story to him everyday. He was always excited to see me when I came home from school. I read to him every day until he started school. When I was finish reading him a book I would go and read more. For me reading became easier as I got older. The more books I read the less I
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