Learning How to Write Effectively

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Throughout this essay I have learned more than I have in my four years of high school English. Being able to learn so much information in such a little time was amazing to me. I learned different kind of rhetorical styles to write in, what each ones purpose is, how to have online discussions with other peers and lastly I learned how to improved my writing skills in general. A major lesson that I learned was to use different rhetorical styles when writing to help make your paper make more sense and seem more together. There are tons of different types of rhetorical styles that you can add to a paper but the ones that I enjoyed using this semester were clear, swift or sweet. I loved writing in a clear style because it was simple and did not …show more content…
Throughout this semester I have had to learn how to have online discussions with other classmates that I have never met. At first it was a little strange to me and I did not like it too much. The more that I had to engage with other students the more it became not only normal but the more I ended up liking it. I have always liked to do things online at the comfort of your home instead of having to go through traffic to do the same thing you could accomplish at home. It was hard at first to get people to edit my papers, because no one knew names and would just randomly pick a person. The more I edited other people’s papers the more they would return the favor and the easier it ended up being. In the end I really did enjoy having online discussions about different essays and journals, you got to really connect with some students and learn a little bit of their life. When I first started out writing papers I was absolutely horrible at it. In high school I would always get C’s or D’s on my papers, always struggling to pass the English classes. Throughout this class I have learned to be more confident in my writing and not to hold anything back, the more insight into backgrounds of people that were in your story the more sense your paper would make and the more interesting they became. I used to be scared to write about personal things, that I might be judged or
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