Learning Is A Two Way Street Essay

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Learning is a Two Way Street Adult learners are faced with complications when it involves education and learning. Communication is a problem between students and teachers, teachers are using a narrative style which is not benefiting the student as now they are just repeating information; instead of actually learning anything. A student’s focus has shifted too, most students today learn from their experience and then set an expectation and preconception on how something should work or pan out. If the learning or the situation does not go as the adult feels it should, then it is considered wrong and irrelevant. This can be a huge downfall for their learning, sometimes if students don’t agree with what a teacher is saying, then they will just tune the teacher out and ignore what is being said. To change this way of thinking, students should be more open minded and change their perceptions on how they view education. A new way of thinking could help students change that mindset, so that they can effectively learn. To do this they would have to change their “frames of reference”. This change would allow them to see different situations in a new way. For instance, some students might have an essay and because of that they mentally shut down, they believe that essays are a waste of time; however, if they can change their viewpoint they might find that the essay is actually very beneficial, and will help them in the future for other assignments. Jack Mezirow an American
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