Learning Is An Ideal Learning

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In today’s society, learning today has expanded away from recommended books and lessons. Learning entails creating new understanding, respect and appreciation for different people and cultures. A number of learning institutions have designed joint learning programs in Second Life with great success. It is very easy and practical to connect with other teachers and professors in Second Life who are open to collaborating, sharing, and creating joint learning programs. Tis can be done using the various collaboration tools in Second Life, and the Second Life Education email list. Second Life accommodates synchronous and asynchronous learning, hence time zones are not a significant factor.

4. Reach More Students
Whether a student is learning from home, work, school, or a cafe, they can all still reach Second Life with an Internet connection — and join class. With Avaline, you can also phone into classes or meetings. Additionally, Second Life is an ideal learning environment for many disabled students as it provides greater accessibility than traditional campuses, as proven by the Second Life community Virtual Ability.

The latest Second Life client also supports advanced, realistic voice chat (in addition to text chat and instant messaging), featuring 3-D-mapped voice with audio focusing capabilities and speech gestures. As a user walks around someone who is speaking to them in Second Life, they will hear the voice move around in 3-D, based on where they are relative to that
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