Learning Is An Ongoing Process

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Learning in Real Life
Saniya Keswani
Drexel University

Learning is an ongoing process; it starts at birth and continues till ones death. New life experiences aid the learning process. Individuals learn something new almost every single day and therefore learning is on of the most essential and important processes. Learning involves acquiring and modifying knowledge, skills, strategies, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors (Schunk, 1996). Learning takes place in many forms, such as cognitive, linguistic, motor and social skills as well. It is a basic concept that must be learnt by every individual in order to be able to function daily. An individuals’ environment plays a major role in their learning process, we learn certain actions and behavior patterns from our surroundings. People learn when they become capable of doing something different. Learned actions and responses must last over a long period of time, only then does it count as learned, if an individual can reproduce a certain action or behavior within a few seconds of seeing or learning it, that is knows as imitation, whereas, if the person is able to exactly reproduce it after a few hours or days, it becomes a learned behavior. Another criterion for learning is experience. Observation occurs through experience. Language is the best example to portray this. We learn how to speak through social interaction that take place around us. We interact with out parents, peers, teachers (once we get to…
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