Learning Is The Acquisition Of Knowledge Or Skill Through Instruction

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Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skill through instruction, experience or study. In successful learning situations, multiple pedagogy is used to promote knowledge and retention. This allows students to enter the nursing profession with a general understanding of concepts and skills needed to provide safe, quality care to their patients. In successful learning experiences instructors are engaging, approachable, competent, trustworthy, and dynamic. Both students and instructors are lifelong learners, wanting to use new research to enhance and advance their professions. Limitations and expectations are divulged upfront for both instructors and students. Feedback is given often. Both parties are engaged in the material being taught…show more content…
However, I will strive to help my students succeed by being honest, knowing my limitations, encouraging them, being approachable, remaining humble, and being passionate and enthusiastic. I will remain open and caring to all students. I will not discriminate students based on ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, or academic performance. I want to learn about my students, help them to overcome their struggles and celebrate their achievements. I want to be a mentor to my students not only during their schooling, but also once they become a peer in nursing. I feel very strongly that these qualities make for a more successful learning situation for students and I wish that more of my instructors had these qualities while I was in nursing school. Some instructors were uncaring, unhelpful, and very disconnected from the student population. My instructors also showed favoritism, which I refuse to do. The goal for my students is to learn about the art of nursing in such a way, that they can not only can pass my class and boards, but ultimately, confidently provide quality care to any patient, family, or population that is safe. My dream is that after graduation, my students will be able to see more intricate and complex connections between patients, body systems, disease processes, environments and how research and policy can change the way we care for patients. Through talking with many students and new nurses this is one of the struggles they have and new nurses say it can take
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