Learning Is The Activity That All Of Us

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DOSHI KRUNAL Y. doshi@marshall.edu ENG 160-105 Instructor: MARC BERGMAN Learning is the activity that all of us have to do during our life. We gain from the minute we are destined to the minute we kick the bucket; this is the main route for us to survive and live typically in this world. Various people go to schools to expansion information, however others get their knowledge from their involvement in life. Both ways furnish us with much profitable learning. On the other hand, as I would see it, I imagine that encounter is the more essential wellspring of learning. A savant from India Krishnamurti J. said that: "There is no limit to training. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and completion with training. The entire of life, from the minute you are destined to the minute you bite the dust, is a methodology of learning." Learning is a procedure in which you attempt to get certain information for foreordained purposes. It is verifiable that we realize all the time we inhale, an infant when conceived an offspring figures out how to yell to, discover sanctuary and milk; then a few months or years after the fact, he figures out how to creep, walk, and run; after a few years of learning fundamental surviving aptitudes, he enters the universe of more extensive and deeper information, and uses it as a vital piece of his life ever after. At the same time scholastic information is not all, and it has additionally been said: "Not everything that is
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