Learning Is Viewed As One Of The Most Important Interactive Activities

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Learning Theory Paper
Kimberlyn Boddie
EDUC 2130: Teaching & Learning
Professor: George Darden
November 1, 2015

Learning is viewed as one of the most important interactive activities in which children engage. Although most learning occurs outside of the school setting, it is the heart of the educational process. Psychologists and philosophers searched to understand the true nature of learning, why and how learning occurs at different stages in life and how it can have an influence through teaching methods and similar endeavors. For many years, various learning theories have been listed as suggestions and these theories differ with understandable reasons. Whether theories are based on scientific evidence or
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As a child, Dewey excelled as a student in public schools, then went on to study philosophy; graduating second in his class. While teaching at the universities, Dewey became fascinated with philosophical treatises and decided to expand focus in studying psychology and philosophy at John Hopkins. Although Dewey’s philosophical treatises were inspired by William James; George Sylvester Morris (American educator and philosopher) and G. Stanley Hall (American educator and psychologist) were among some of the the most influential philosophers in Dewey’s life. John Dewey and education- his ideas embodied the philosophy of pragmatism. His philosophy is known as instrumentalism, experimentalism and focus on the human experience; abandoning previous rigid exposure of transcendentalism through academia. He believed behavior is out of habit and change will produce unexpected outcomes. By creatively thinking, one can resume control of a shifting environment and through those thoughts, a connection with the real world is formed. A universal education is the best practice for teaching abandonment of habits and think creatively. Dewey’s approach to learning is that of hands-on learning, oppose to conforming to a lectured approach., education should stem from the principle of learning
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