Learning Journey And Practical Placement Experience

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new This essay will reflect upon my own understanding of what nursing is and how my own ideas have evolved and developed through my learning journey and practical placement experience. This could be a very broad subject however, for the purpose of this essay I will be concentrating on the four main areas, covered in the module including beliefs and values in nursing; professional and ethical nursing, person focussed nursing and contemporary issues in nursing. I will explain how they are applicable to my beliefs using with references from academic articles, journals and books. To me nursing is not only helping people to get better, but also about being professional by listen to the patient’s views; empowering people to help themselves,…show more content…
I have observed how important communication in nursing and in particular how significant getting precise detail right is when communicating with other professionals. Therefore, good communication and interpersonal skills are essential and further more fundamental to good patient care (Bach and Grant, 2009). Having an understanding of this highlights my own need to ensure I communicate effectively and build upon my competence and commitment to improve my spoken English. Hall and Ritchie (2011) explain that all nurses are expected to apply therapeutic principles, which reflect professional and caring attitudes. The importance of building and maintaining working relationships with the patient should not be underestimated. The patient being cared for should be at the centre of the nursing care (Lloyd, 2007). Furthermore, nurses should hold in mind how to disengage from relationships and consider endings from the beginning while simultaneously making sure, that professional boundaries are always respected (NMC, 2015). My personal core values and beliefs are always respecting the patient and work colleagues. Nurses values will change with experience; which means individuals need the time to reflect upon the human experience, spiritual condition, family, cultural and individual choice. Values give an understanding of particularity, in that you select
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