Learning: Left-Brain vs. Right Brain Essay

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Have you ever wondered how your extremely messy sibling can be so creative and yet you the very organized one can’t seem to color within the lines to save your life? There is a legitimate reason for this mystery. The brain is divided into two sections. They are known as the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Individually they have different functionalities but collectively they make up the person as a whole and can give some explanation as to why a person process and learn the way they do. Hopefully, by the end of this read you will better understand this phenomenon and make it work for you. One of the major forces behind research into the mysteries of the human brain is Mr. Roger Sperry. He is credited for developing the …show more content…
The brain's right side also helps us to understand visual imagery and make sense of what we see. It plays a role in language, particularly in interpreting context and a person's tone (Melina, 2011). To put it into lamens terms a CEO primarily use their left hemisphere; it is the half that solves specific problems. It is logical, linear. Public Relation practitioners, on the other hand, use their right brain more. Iit is the half that gives them intuition, the propensity to dream, creativity, the ability to sense and perceive (Budd Jr, 1997). Now that we understand the science behind the “two minds”, let’s see how they affect our communications skills, problem solving techniques, and productivity in the world. Left brain individuals are great at giving and receiving verbal instructions. Since the left brain is the region for language, speech, and hearing, left-brained people are usually good at expressing themselves in words, and they enjoy writing and talking. For example if giving direction, the left brain person will say something like “From here, go west three blocks and turn north on Vine Street. Go three or four miles and then turn east onto Broad Street.” When it comes to problem solving, left-brained people process information based on reality. They make decisions and solve problems according to the reality of situations. When it comes to the environment, left-brained people try to adjust to it and not
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