Learning Math And The Classroom

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The teacher began her lesson by stating the objective. She also had the “I can” statement listed on a sentence strip. She did a nice job referring to the objectives throughout the lesson and closed her lesson with restating the “I can” statement again. The SPED teacher did not state the objectives, have it posted or refer to the objectives at all during her lesson. Both the main lesson and the intervention lesson had a concept development lesson, the guided practice and the independent practice. According to Daley (2012) the three areas that have the most effect on learning math are information processing, reasoning, and memory. In the general education class, the teacher had the vocabulary needed for the lesson posted on the walls in the room. Students need to process math terms both visually and auditorally (Daley, 2012). For this reason, I would also have the vocabulary posted around the room with kid-friendly terms and pictures to go with it. The teacher I observed with the whole group lesson had posters around the room and referred to the objectives during her lesson. The special education teacher did not have any visuals for the students to refer to. According to Vaughn & Bos (2015) reduced vocabulary skills can interfere with learning mathematics. The special education teacher did not have the objective posted and did not refer to the learning objective at all during the intervention. Then the general education teacher began the lesson with a short video
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