Learning Methodologies

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Learning Methodologies Learning Methodologies The assignment asks the writer of this paper to answer two questions. The first question centers on adult learning and how best to do it properly and effectively so as to maximize results. The second question poses a question about diversity of opinion when crafting a curriculum and how that affects the result, positively or negatively. Question One The first question asks what philosophical approach is best when speaking of adult learning. More specifically, the question is how to get the best results for highest amount of students. Obviously, some students are slower to engage than others and for a litany of reasons. However, most students want to be involved and immerse themselves in what they need to know. The question is how to do exactly that. The University of Vermont lists several different philosophical approaches in a report they issued and the most attractive is the progressive approach. This approach focuses on giving students problem solving skills and practical knowledge they will actually use. This is a key element of any good adult learning setup because the knowledge the college bestows needs to be tangible and easy to apply to real life. If the information is more abstract and/or general, its application to real life will be hard to harness. The same Vermont report also speaks of humanistic adult education, which focuses on self-actualization, which is also important (Spurgeon & Moore, 1994). Catering
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