Learning More About Belarus

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What is Belarus known for? Belarus is known for it’s rich cultural, architectural, and historical heritage.There were many topics I could’ve chose, but I chose four topics on it’s heritage which is it’s physical, cultural, political, and economic geography. I have learned many things on Belarus such as geographic information, the Belarusians, history, and economy. Belarus has many educational information geographically. It is also known as The Republic of Belarus. If you never looked up this fine country on the globe, it is in the northern area of Eastern Europe. Belarus’s land is very large. It’s land area is a total of 80,153m ²: 202,900km ² is land and 4,700km ² is water. Belarus is gigantic! If you don’t know where Belarus is, you probably don’t know it’s neighbors: Latvia takes up the north, Lithuania takes up the northwest, Poland takes up the west, Russia takes up the north and east, and Ukraine takes up the south. Have you ever wondered if it’s colder or warmer than the fine United States? Well, Belarus has very, very, very cold winters, and cool and wet summers. So, if you ever plan to go on a vacation to Belarus, it will always be a little chilly. Belarus is a lowland that contains marshlands. Do you hate natural hazards? Then, Belarus is the place for you! This country does not have any natural hazards. Haven’t you learned a lot about Belarus? Well, there is more to come! Have you ever wanted to live in a different country for a day? I sure have! If you are
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