Learning Needs And Abilities Assessment

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There are a variety of challenges in the lesson planning process. One obvious challenge is that of time. While all teachers will need to spend precious time in lesson planning, newer teachers will probably need to make a significant investment in time because first, new teachers should make more detailed lesson plans, and second, inexperienced teachers will likely find the process to be more difficult due to lack of classroom practice. Another challenge is the need to keep the lessons learner centered through the process of determining the specific learning needs and the backgrounds of the individual students. This critical to success activity would be quite time consuming and would likely present the teacher with a possibly overwhelming number of variables to consider when planning lessons. Another challenge of lesson planning is the multi-level classroom. This situation will require teachers to plan multiple activities for the same lesson thus impacting the time component already addressed. This is also why the student needs and abilities assessment is so critical so that the teacher can determine for which students each activity should be planned. In all cases, as the teacher gains experience in both lesson planning and lesson execution (teaching) the challenges of planning lessons should decrease and be less onerous for the teacher. In the model lesson plan various types of grouping strategies and activities were utilized. The whole class warm up activity was a
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