Learning New Vocabulary At Parkview Middle School

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The participants of this study were the twelve students enrolled in my second period and sixth period language arts classes at Parkview Middle School. All students are classified with a disability. Ten students are classified with an emotional disability, one is classified other health impaired and one is classified with autism. The participants included nine male students and three female students. Three students were enrolled in sixth grade, three in seventh grade and six students were enrolled in eighth grade. Three students were African American, one Hispanic, and eight white students.
Data Collection
The data was collected during the study were included the following: A Likert survey on preconceptions of learning new vocabulary (administered on a Google Forum in the student’s Google classroom using their chromebooks) A VKS pre-test over the seven target words of evidence, conclusion, counterargument, argument, cite, inference and introduction given on paper) one final vocabulary quiz (administered on a Google forum on Google classroom using student’s chromebooks) and student reflections on strategies based on a Likert scale (administered on on Google forums on Google classroom using student 's chromebooks) All data was kept anonymous except for the vocabulary quiz which was counted as a grade.
I examined my student’s preconceptions about their ability to learn new words. I taught seven content area words (argument, counter-argument, cite, inference,

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