Learning Objective Assessment

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The learning objective for question number 1 was, “to correctly write the expanded form of a 4- digit number.” Most of the students understood this concept, but didn’t read the direction in full to understand that they were supposed to define expanded form, and then show an example. Students lost one point for not defining, giving the class average for question 1 a 66%. Only one student lost 2 points on the question, half are almost approaching the objective, and the other half are meeting the objective. The next objective was, “to accurately solve multi step equations using 4 different methods.” This was a difficult question for the class. The average for this question was 54%. Four students are below the objective, one in the middle, and…show more content…
I feel it was crucial for me to learn about the Common Core, especially since it has changed since I’ve been a student. It was also good for me to learn about the many components involved with each math objective. This wasn’t an easy assignment, but it wasn’t extremely difficult. I felt it was time consuming, and detailed. I learned that formative assessment is extremely helpful in the classroom because you can see how well your students can apply what they have learned in your class. I learned a lot about the processes that students go through when taking a formative assessment. For example, in the text it discuses procedural knowledge as, “knowledge that is needed to carry out an action or solve a problem,” (McMillian, James H. (2014). Classroom assessment: Principles and practice for effective standards- based Instruction (6th ed). Boston, MA: Pearson). I also saw through out this assessment the students were having a hard time with simply identifying or repeating the needed steps, (McMillian, 2014). Another important aspect of teaching with assessments is that its crucial to show, and tell the students what is expected of them in regards to showing work, and what objectives will be on the test. I can remember being in school, and having a test on some material that I wasn’t told would be on the test, and how angry I felt. I will always ensure my criteria are clearly articulated. In this formative assessment project I learned that assessments are essential ways for teachers to evaluate their students, and also a good way to self reflect on your own lessons. In the “Assessment, Decision Making, and Learning Targets” lecture, I learned that assessments are a great way of knowing where the students are, and where you want them to be with knowledge and skills, (Heilbroner, 2016). I also learned that its ultimately a professional judgment, and includes a variety of valid methods. I enjoyed
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