Learning Objectives And Outcomes Of An Adult With A Learning Disability

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Learning Objectives & Outcomes
• By the end of this lecture you will have a better understanding of what Motivation is and the theory behind it.
• You will have a better understanding of what Self-Determination is and why it is important to an adult with a learning disability (LD)
• You will have a greater knowledge of ways to empower and motivate an adult with a learning disability, as well as you will have gained techniques to foster self-determination and success for persons with LDs in a classroom environment .

Before you begin
Before reading the rest of this document, take a few moments and reflect on what you believe the term “motivation” means, as well as the term “self-determination’. Why do you think it is important for someone with a learning disability to have “self-determination”? What kind of things could a facilitator do to motivate an adult with a learning disability? Lastly, what has motivated you to take this course? Have you found yourself struggling with motivation, and how did you overcome this?
Section introduction
Throughout this course we have learned about special education, the different types of learning disabilities and exceptionalities, as well as we have learned about the Canadian legislation around learning disabilities. In section seven, you will be learning about motivation and self-determination in relation to adults with learning disabilities. We will be looking at how students are motivated, what drives their will to succeed as well as

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