Learning Online And Traditional Classroom Setting

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During my educational journey I have experienced learning online and in a traditional classroom setting. Working in a classroom allowed me to receive a more hands on approach with my learning from my instructor. Learning in person helped me to seek help if I was confused, ask questions, and receive a response immediately. Upon completing my work assignments, I was able to work side by side with my classmates and collaborate, and work as a team. Most importantly, everything is at your fingertips such as your class material and a physical textbook. In addition, in a classroom setting you are able to take quizzes and tests that will help you retain the information by answering the questions.

However, learning online is totally a different ball game. When learning online most of the time there is no test or quizzes involved, you work at your own pace, and the only material you will need is your computer. Working at your own pace helps because, it allows you to work ahead and complete your assignments according to your own schedule and not having to wait on your instructor. A great advantage to learning online is, not having to travel to a physical classroom. Your work is available at any time of the day. Everything I needed was in my computer so I didn’t have to keep up with any material or purchase any. However, learning online, helps you to focus more with fewer distractions around you, but leaves you limitless to help when you need it.
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