Learning Organisation & Its Core Tenets

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This essay intends to understand the attributes of the learning organisation and its core tenets .For this purpose the case example of Tesco is used. The advantages and disadvantages of applying these practices of Tesco in other established organsiation have been critically analyzed with the help of specific examples.

What is a learning organisation?
According to Peter Sange, the pioneer of the fifth discipline, learning organizations are organisation in which people continually expand their capacity to learn in order to produce result which they truly desire; where innovation and new ways of thinking is encouraged; where collaborative aspiration is set free and people learn to see the big picture. (Senge, 1990)
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The reporting lines are flattened as possible to ensure effective communication, which in turn contributes to effective knowledge management

From the analysis of Tesco’s primary practices, which reflects its status as a learning organsiation, it is clear that Tesco adhere to learning in all aspects of the organsiation. For the same purpose Tesco has developed its own academy which was established in 1998, not only helps in the human resource management of the organisation but also encompasses the knowledge management for the entire organisation.
(The Scottish govt, 2012)

Advantages of applying the tenets of Tesco:

Tesco as an organisation places emphasis on training and development as more than a HR process. It attributes them as critical factors for knowledge and learning management within the organization. Here are the specific advantages of applying such tenets in an established organisation.

Extensive training development like Tesco: Any established organisation should have an established training and development process. This will enhance the quality of workers within the organisation

The shared value concept: The emphasis on educating people about the values of the company helps employees to imbibe the culture of the organization.
Company’s like John Lewis and Co-operative food have benefitted from this practice of informing and educating its employees about the core
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