Learning Organization and Critical Management Education

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Learning Organization and Critical Management Education: In the recent past, many organizations and consultants have continued to recognize the commercial importance of organizational learning, which has contributed to the more consideration of the concept of learning organization. Since learning organization has become a central orienting point to organizational learning, several writers have attempted to identify templates, or ideal forms for real organizations to emulate. Actually, organizational learning is basically considered as the process or activity in which organizations ultimately reach the model of a learning organization (Smith, 2001). Consequently, learning organization is a model with which organizations have to evolve to respond to the several pressures they experience. This model enables organizations to respond to pressures because it's characterized by recognition of the importance of individual and collective learning. However, there are numerous concerns regarding the relevance of learning organization to an organizational and cultural context. These concerns have partly been fueled by two major concerns including the difficulty in identifying real-life examples of learning organizations. Secondly, the increased emphasis on developing a template and present it in a commercially attractive form has contributed to under-powering of the theoretical framework for the learning organization. Furthermore, theorists of learning organizations have increasingly
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