Learning Process For Teaching And Learning

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Natural setting
L1 and L2
High level
L2 outside of classroom
Unnatural setting
L2 only
Low level
L1 and L2 outside of classroom
From the class, social media, communication with local people
From the teacher and the environment
From the class, social media

From the teacher

Process for leaning L2 or FL The goal of each learner, time for learning(how much time they take for leaning), and the learning process( how they are taught and the progress of learning) are different in L2 and FL learning each other.

1) Get a better job
2) Continue my university studies
3) Travel abroad
4) Acquire new ideas and open up new horizons
5) Become adapted to new times
6) Carry out advanced
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Degree of motivation in the classroom and performance
5 = very high 4 = high 3 = indifferent 2 = low 1 = very low
-interest, attention, effort, persistence, dedication, pleases
Types of motivation
-classroom, results, performance, grade, punishment, influence from others
Source of motivation
-materials, desire class, situation exercises, the quality, the way
Motivation potential of the L2/FL as a subject
- mathematics, foreign language, history, sciences, arts, music, physical Education, literature physics, geography, computing, religion, chemistry
Motivating effect of teaching learning situations
Indicate to what extent the following happens to you:
5 = always 4 = frequently 3 = sometimes 2 = little 1 = never
-teacher encouragement, reward, praise, easiness and challenges of the class, corporative works, self evaluation, teacher speaks L2/FL, visual aid
Frequency of external motivational factors in the classroom Indicate the frequency with which the following occur. Use: 5 = always 4 =
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