Learning Receptive Language Skills By Using An Authentic Text

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Reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning (reading comprehension). www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reading The aim of the assignment is to practice receptive language skills by using an authentic text. I have choose an advert to discuss the importance of donation to schools for breakfast for young students. I obtained it from www.magicbreakfast.com website. I am confident about the text that it would be ideal for visual learners as it comprises with an image . I’m teaching Entry 1 , and is a well blend of diversity. Learners are from Bangladesh, Italy, Romania and Sudan. Learners have good receptive skills and always welcome new ideas toward their learning. Their positive approach is an asset towards my teaching, and I felt the advert would-be appropriate. The advert gives the message to donate for the good cause and is not culturally biased. The element of personalisation from learners aspect would help them to engage in the reading effectively, hence allowing a productive session to occur. The text is formal and has good vocabulary aspect. It would create a good discussion. I feel the theme of the text would make it a good discussion for the productive activity. At the same time I would assure learners will enjoy reading and would not be bored because my main focus would be on the weaker ones, they should get the opportunity to read and give their opinions. I would preteach vocabulary to simplify the understanding.

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