Learning Skills : A Unit 5 Lesson 9

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Semester A Unit 5 Lesson 9

Introduction and Objective

We’ve looked at video resources to provide new information and have learned about other places you can search to find more on the topic you are studying. You search topics on the Internet and can find almost an unlimited amount of information. All of the different ways to find information, view information, and learn information can help in comprehension, as well as in deciding whether or not to believe an argument or opinion.

Today 's lesson objective is:
Students will be able to synthesize a variety of formats and media to develop an understanding of a topic.

Take a moment to think about the objective. You’ve seen this objective before. What learning skills have you used to
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Websites can have magazines, newspapers, articles, recordings, letters, videos, encyclopedias, textbooks, and so much more.

To find information from a website, the first thing you do is search the topic. Using the Einstein letter as an example, the following are some suggestions for finding exactly what you are looking for:

1. Put what you are looking for in quotation marks to search sites that include those exact words, next to each other, in the exact manner. For example: “theory of relativity.”
2. Use the word “and” in order to search two terms. For example: “Einstein and Roosevelt.”
3. There is a trick to eliminating finds on the web that you do not want. Using the word “not” will rule out searches. For example: “heart NOT love.”


How can you be sure that what you are reading, viewing, or listening to electronically is trustworthy? The ending of the address is key! Take a look at the chart below.

Ending? Who? Trustworthy?
.com Companies or Commercial Organizations Some companies are creating educational content on their websites, but commercial sites also contain biased advertising and information.
.edu Educational or Research Institutions Educational that contain reliable information about research being conducted at the institution.
.mil Governmental or Military Organizations These are government and military sites. Are credible and often related toward education.
.org Not-for-Profit Organizations Given that these are
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