Learning Skills At A School Or Life Skills

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There is always a point in life, when an individual will experience learning. Whether it is academics at a school or life-skills at home, a lesson will be taught.
For example, students in a classroom during lecture will grasp the concept of the subject in various forms. It is important to note that each student will gain a different amount of knowledge and their own personal understanding of the topic.
There is a reason everyone has a unique way of learning. Similar to how everyone acts different in their own way, individuals have their own learning style. A learning style is a way people are able to grasp knowledge that is being given to them (CITE).
Gagńe, Briggs & Wager (CITE, 1992) defined learning as the process that promotes behavioral changes in human beings. In 1965, American educational psychologist, Robert Gagńe created the idea of conditions of learning. Instructional design implications were first introduced that year as well.
According to Gagńe, the effects on behaviorist learning theories propose that there are nine instructional events and corresponding cognitive processes:
• Gaining attention (reception) o For example distributing course outline or referencing to the agenda of the class that is being taught.
• Informing learners of the objective (expectancy) o Discussion of students centered to the learning objectives
• Stimulating recall of prior learning (retrieval) o Have student complete a pretest to be able to have data of where there is a need of
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