Learning Strategies With The Middle School Level

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As a future middle school teacher, I must be knowledgeable about not just the content I am teaching but the complexities of young adolescents and their overall development. I have a responsibility to my students to implement instructional strategies that address diversity and learning strategies with the population in their school. Middle school students need support at the age they are at because they are caught between wanting to be little children with no responsibilities or wanting to grow and become even more complex teenagers. Serving at the middle school level is only a small service that I can do for these students. It really is something when they are comfortable enough to tell you something they wouldn’t tell their parents.…show more content…
An assignment that the teacher gave us was to partner into teams of three and design Jeopardy games for the last remaining 7 or 8 sub-units in our curriculum. Upon completion, we would show him the game for his review to be used. It had to be a game that any students could know after had studying it or learning it in class. This indirectly allowed us to learn more because we had to research our sub-unit and create questions that provoked mental stimulation in our peers but not too much that they would get frustrated playing our game.

When students make the transition from elementary to middle school it is a big step for them. They are leaving a school where they made their mark and youngest friends. The transition can often be scary for students. I remember when I was going to the sixth grade and I couldn’t find my friends from elementary on the first day because I was put into advanced core classes and they had not. An adjustment had to be made for me to realize that I should probably make new friends in my advance classes and see if we shared the same interests. Middle schools students in my opinion have it hard because so much is expected of them in so little time. A standard middle level school is only 6 th to 8 th grade. That is only three years to start to fully develop into the person that they want to be. They have to just grow and get used to
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