Learning Style And Academic Ability

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During my initial weeks at placement, I carried out classroom observations. This was necessary in order for me to assess the children and study their behaviour, learning style and academic ability. I felt comfortable observing because I knew it was something I could do successfully due to prior experience. Additionally, I observed how the class teacher effectively taught the children. This has been significantly beneficial to me because I have been able to highlight which teaching strategies work best. I have made comparisons and direct links between my observations from each year four class. Both of their teaching styles are completely different, but both seem to be equally effective in supporting the needs of the children. This has made…show more content…
When initially planning my lesson, the teacher pointed out to me that I had not considered any alterations for those with special educational needs (SEN). Something as simple as using a coloured background on my PowerPoint, to make it easier for those with dyslexia to read. I did not realise how long planning took, and that was only for one lesson! This is an example of how my learning was scaffolded. I was in the zone of proximal development for some areas of planning this lesson. When it came to planning for SEN, I was unsure. As a student, receiving help from my supervisor was beneficial. It enabled me to understand how I could alter particular parts of the lesson, so that every child’s needs were covered (Bozhovich, 2009). Thinking more deeply with regards to the smaller group sessions, consisting of five children, I appreciate how much it taught me and enabled me to gain confidence. Behaviour management has been a key focus area for me. If classroom behaviour from the children is not under control then it will prohibit the delivery of effective learning. Prior to teaching the group, I was previously aware that two of the children have a strong tendency to lose concentration, focus and withhold a positive attitude within their learning. I had to think of effective strategies such as offering reward systems, to keep the children occupied as well as protecting the learning of the other children. A times table game was the main activity. This in-corporates
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