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Learning Style Following a review of the Vark Questionnaire and Analysis, it has been determined that preferred learning style is multimodal. The Multimodal learning preference refers to the utilization of multiple learning strategies which consists of Aural, Visual, Read-Write and kinesthetic learning preferences (ARK). Statistically, 60% of any population is believed to utilize multiple preferences for learning strategy. In utilizing the multimodal style of learning, one is able to use multiple preferences for learning and interaction with others. This means that one has choices of two, three or four modes with which to learn or interact. Due to this flexible learning style one is able to use whichever mode fits depending on the…show more content…
A multimodal learner can also utilize this form of learning strategy depending on the situation or circumstance. Visual Study Strategies – In this form of learning strategy, there is a preference to learn through what can be seen either in form of pictures and posters, slides, or demonstrations. Those who utilize this method of learning often prefer presenters who use gestures and picturesque languages. It is not uncommon to find these form of learners underline words or sentences with different colors of highlighters. They learn or take in information or materials best by utilizing some or all of the styles that visually appeal to them. They are usually swayed by the way something looks. When they communicate or relate to other people, it is often effectively done through diagrams, colors, demonstrations, pictures and layouts etc. A multimodal learner on the other hand, can also utilize this form of learning strategy by itself or in combination with other learning strategies depending on the situation or circumstance Read/Write Strategy – This form of learning strategy utilizes a strong preference for reading and writing. To take in information or learning materials, there is often a reliance on headings, lists, glossaries, definitions, handouts, manuals (i.e. technical, laboratory, computing), textbooks etc. When studying and to make learnable package, it is not uncommon to find those who use this form of
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