Learning Styles And Its Impact On Students Essay

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At the beginning of this assignment I was completely sold on the idea of learning styles and that they were the “norm”. After further research I have found that learning styles may not work, yet the current research literature is full of papers which advocate their use. The contrary is that learning style segregation can undermine education as a research field and can likely have a negative impact on students. It is in everyone’s interests for educational research and resources – time, money, effort, to be directed toward those educational interventions which demonstrably improve student learning, and away from those which do not. Research on Learning styles or the myth within need to be a priority, students are slipping through the cracks and we need to figure out why. How do we learn? “Learning styles” describe the way people process incoming information. There are several schools of thought pertaining to “learning styles”. According to Geake,2008, there are three learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinestitc. While most people use a combination of “learning styles”, they generally have one or two styles that are dominant. With this belief, a student will be better able to focus his studying on techniques that increase learning efficiency however, when a student has identified their weaknesses, they think they can create strategies to succeed in situations where the instructor’s teaching style doesn’t match preferred learning style. According to Doctoranddad.com
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