Learning Styles And Plan For Diverse Learners

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The research has proved that teachers should be instructing and assessing for diverse learners. “However, few teachers are adequately prepared to effectively teacher diverse learners.” (Edyburn, 2011, p. 38). Professors subconsciously plan to teach to the top students and view any diverse learners as a class weakness or as someone else’s problem. If professors want to enhance the classroom for today’s learners, they must embrace the diversity and change how they think about and respond to the learner’s differences. Professors should be addressing the diversity of learners during the planning of assessments and moving away from the one size fits all paradigm. How do we address the learning styles and plan for all students’ success during the assessment? There are two frameworks that can be used to address these questions which are Understanding by Design (UbD) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The UbD framework was created by Wiggins & McTighe which includes three stages: identifying desired results or learning outcomes, deciding what evidence will show learning outcomes are met, and designing learning activities that align with the assessments. They treat the teacher as a designer. Specifically, in stage two they cover designing the assessments. As designers of assessment we must “diagnose student needs to guide our teaching and to enable us, our students, and others to determine whether we have achieved our goals.” (Grant & McTighe, 2005, p. 13). A major change…
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