Learning Styles And Techniques Of Teaching

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During my class in Curriculum, Methods, and Assessments: Science and Math, I have had the opportunity to observe two different mathematic teachers. Through those observations I have gained great knowledge and understanding. I was exposed to different teaching, learning styles and techniques. Being able to observe a few different classrooms has given me an opportunity to witness different aspects of teaching. Through all of my observations during college of teachers I am confident that teaching is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I will touch on a few topics from my observation throughout my paper such as, the objective of the lesson, types of methods the teachers used, differentiation instruction, ways the teachers assess learning in the classroom and changes that I could make to the lesson. For my observations at Metzger Middle School, I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Williams and Ms. James sixth grade Mathematics classrooms. During Ms. Williams first period she had a Co-Teacher to assist her students that were ESLs (1 student) and IEP/504 (5 students). A student that was in a wheelchair was also amongst the students; accommodations were made for this student, for example; the co-teacher had the student that was sitting in the first chair by the door move back a desk so that the student could put his chair up the desk. Some of the methods that the teacher provided were mathematical reference sheets and formula charts to help them when answering
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