Learning Styles And The Learning

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According to the researchers, the experiential learning is the best way to teach the students. They said that the knowledge process is made with the help of transformation and the series of experiences (Peter, 2010). Later on, the researchers showed that the learning styles is the collection of the characteristics, the ways of gathering information, organizing information and thinking about the information.
It is an examined fact that the people’s learning style includes all the things they know, acts they do, facts they believe in and the way they perceive information (Hayward Andres, 2015). The studies show that all the types of people have their own learning styles and their types of getting information is also different from each other. On the basis of the preferences and the personalities, the people used to choose the learning types (Eaves, 2009). There are also a number of learning steps that guide you throughout the learning process. Once all the student nurses come to know the learning styles and the learning methods, they can find out the ways by which they can make essential decisions to learn (Greener, 2010).
The student nurses should understand the learning styles completely. It will make them successful in their own nursing courses and programs. They can also offer the best learning experience and the best environment to the team.
The researches stated that the identification of the best and required learning strategies helps the student nurse to improve the…
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