Learning Styles And The Learning Style

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In this essay I will be exploring the importance of learning styles and the effectiveness of them to student nurses, providing evidence from learning theories and also acknowledging David Kolb’s experiential cycle (1984). Furthermore, I will be discussing my dominant learning style, providing the advantages and disadvantages of my learning style on my learning and development, considering the various ways I can improve my learning. I will also explain my weaker learning style and express the different ways I can improve it, in making it an effective learning style for me to improve the quality of my learning.

The Oxford dictionary of English (2010) defines learning as “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught”. Each individual has their own preferred style of learning, for example some individuals may prefer visual learning rather than text-based learning (Hughes, 2002). Due to each individual having and understanding their own preferred method of learning, this helps them to process information and learning new things.
As a student nurse, it is vital that you understand how you learning because, this could have an impact on your learning. Adding to this, being able to identify your learning style will help you to make an understanding of something you do not understand. As a student nurse, I believe that having understood my preferred learning style, I have been able to complete my assignments and how to find information to help me

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