Learning Styles And What Works Best. . Do You Ever Wonder

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Learning Styles and What Works Best

Do you ever wonder why you sometimes do better in some classes and not others? Well, I have the answer to that. "Learning Styles.."! Yes, as individuals we process information differently. Some people may be well balanced out when having to intake new information, but others may need more details or pictures to comprehend the concept that they are trying to learn. The different "learning styles" arrange into four categorizes; Active vs. Reflective learners, Sensing vs. Intuitive learners, Visional vs. Verbal learners and Sequential vs. Global learners. I will be going into detail about each "learning style" using my personal assessment.

Active vs. Reflective learning, in this case I as an
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Sensing vs. Intuitive learners, being equally balanced in both of these learning aspect is better than out balancing one or the other. Sensing learner tend to do better with hard given facts, organization of details helping them memorize facts better, and like to connect what they have learned with something outside of the subject and project it to the world around them. While more intuitive learners prefer to explore the different concepts and sorting them out for a better understanding. They often work at a faster pace then most others. Making them strong in obtaining new information that is a bit more complex then usual. Both are great ways to gain the knowledge you need to a level of understanding.

Being equally balanced in both ways gives me a better understanding in difficult area of the new information my brain is intaking. Being able to apply real life facts with the world around me gives me a better sense of what the fact means. Keeping organized and alert of details allows me to explore better ways of thinking and processing the information to where it sticks. Which helps when learning new information that might be difficult to remember the first few times around. Both learning styles help me evenly sensing lays out the given facts for me, while, being an intuitive learner gives me an open mind of the concepts and facts my brain is
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