Essay Learning Styles: Differences In Children’s Minds

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Learning Styles: Differences In Children’s Minds Many Community college students are unable to exit remedial college preparatory programs and advance into credit courses (Rochford 2003). Experts may say it is due to the inability of teachers to teach using methods. Different people may have different learning styles. Student populations have become more diverse, the ability to teach to the needs of different learners has become increasingly important (Haar, Hall, Schoepp, & Smith 2002). Learning styles refer to the way students concentrate on, process, internalize, and recall new and difficult information. Most people have preferences, but individual preferences differ. The stronger the preference, the more important it is to…show more content…
The visual learner is good at reading, spelling, and proofreading. If they meet someone, they are more likely to remember the face and not the name of the person. The exception to that rule, if they see the name written, they are likely to remember it with the mental photos created. The visual learner can spend long periods of time reading but has to have silence. They learn to spell words in configurations not phonetically. Study time can be spent hours on end (Cuyamaca College 2004). Visual learners learn by observing and enjoy working with the following: (Haynes 2004). · Computer graphics · Maps, graphs, charts · Cartoons · Posters · Diagrams · Graphic organizers · Text with a lot of pictures Visual learners can have various difficulties in school. They have to see what they are doing before they do it. Noisy environments or those with a lot of movement are distracting for these learners. They are not responsive to music. Long lectures without pictures can lose the attention of visuals. Florescent lights and drab colored rooms negate the learning for them as well (Cuyamaca College 2004). Taking control of the difficulties is crucial for success of the visual student. An instructor can use an overhead or projector to list essential points. They student can also color code of make flashcards. Computers
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