Learning Styles Like Honey And Mumford And Vak Essay

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Section A:
As a student I will have to collaborate with various students whom have different working and learning styles than me. Therefore, it’s important to recognise what type of learners we are in order to success in a teamwork, identify how you team learn and understand your most suitable way to comprehension details/information. According to (Browne, 2016) there are numerous learning styles like Honey and Mumford and VAK. Moreover, I believe Visual style is the best learning style to identify me. There are endless reasons, for example; I prefer learning new things from colorful images, pictures or diagrams because it has a perfect spatial comprehending for me. That’s why I made most of my power-point in the final group project with images and diagrams. Besides that, utilizing my own visual assists me to write massive notes. I usually close my eyes to imagine and recollect something (, n.d). I beleieve
At the beginning I was very optimistic to start a new journey at CULC, until the enrolment day, when they asked me to bring my certificate or I could not enrol. My feelings started to convert towards the university and started to believe that there is no system. The reason is I know that they have my certificate. After that, I discovered that 99% of my friends have different timetable than mine. Then, I recognised that, this will be a better option for me, due too numerous factors. For instance; I will have the ability to focus more on team work, as a
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